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Mathilde Oscar was born in Paris in 1980, she lives and works in Cannes.
Photography was not an obvious thing for her, since her first medium was painting, which she practiced for years.

It was in 2013 that Mathilde Oscar discovered that photography was a good tool to bring her ideas to life and from that day on, she took part in a pictorial style with a passion for directing.

Inspired in particular by and the great masters of classical painting, her works reflect the light and particular atmosphere that make her photographs into true paintings.

Mathilde Oscar insists on making her own sets, costumes or props, and that’s what gives her art such a unique character.
Often anachronistic and offbeat, his productions seem lost in an unknown time space, with multiple references to art history, the present, the past and perhaps sometimes the future…

When there is no set to design, she devotes herself to portraiture, because the looks inspire her and can plunge the viewer into an allegorical universe where these women proudly pose in front of the lens like powerful and charismatic amazons.

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