Dystopia – Mathilde Oscar
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Dystopia is a serie to pay tribute to nature and its insects and highlight their future on this planet.
At a time when bees are disappearing because of Man, how long will the human have the upper hand? However, insects are much more numerous and more organized. Their total biomass would be 300 times higher than human biomass… they are small and yet they frighten us…

What if we live in perfect harmony? Or if on the contrary they took over humanity?

Mathilde Oscar has imagined, with «Dystopia», a post- apocalyptic future with Rococo hues, through images where beauty and «disgust» mix.
Get closer, this beauty is only a mirage because their perfection has already been stained by bites and dirt. An astonishing mixture that should provoke a paradoxical feeling in the audience!

Will you be disturbed, or will you be in admiration? Perhaps entomophobes will be reconciled with their fears?

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